The Faculty of Physician Associates email address and telephone line updates – 2022

The Faculty of Physician Associates (FPA) are committed to ensuring that email requests and queries are sent to the correct place and are actioned in a timely manner. With this, we are pleased to announce a new set of FPA email addresses that are available with immediate effect.

CPD – for all CPD-related queries, including assistance with the CPD diary and external CPD accreditation, please use [email protected]

Membership applications/renewals – when getting in touch to follow up on a membership application or for assistance with an application, please email [email protected]

Events – to register your interest in supporting or getting involved in an FPA event, email [email protected] 

Applications – to apply for an FPA role, or as advertised in future opportunities please use [email protected] 

General – for all other general inquiries, please use [email protected] 

FPA telephone lines

As we enter an extremely busy period for the FPA time and approach the Physician Associates National Examination results day, the FPA telephone lines will be operating at reduced hours. Please note that between 7–25 November, the FPA telephone lines will be open between 9.30–12.30pm only Monday–Friday.

An update on the telephone lines returning to full operating hours will be given in due course following this period. We thank you for your patience and cooperation during this time.