FPA ePortfolio

The Faculty of Physician Associates (FPA) ePortfolio is a tailored online web-based tool that has been designed by physician associates for physician associates.

The ePortfolio supports lifelong learning for physician associates at every stage of their career by providing a bespoke central location to evidence development, reflect on accomplishments, highlight experiences and progress, and set future objectives.

What does the ePortfolio offer?

The ePortfolio will allow qualified FPA members to:

  • evidence their development and competence mapped to the FPA curriculum.
  • complete annual appraisals.
  • complete workplace-based assessments and reflections.
  • receive multi-source feedback.
  • receive patient feedback.
  • access a personal development plan.
  • access e-learning.
  • enhance interaction with supervisors.
  • evidence CPD.

Physician associate revalidation

By keeping a record of all activities, performance, progression and learning, this will support PAs when the General Medical Council (GMC) begin the revalidation process. Further guidance on revalidation will be provided by the GMC.

Who can access the ePortfolio?

The ePortfolio is only accessible to qualified members of the FPA who are listed on the PA Managed Voluntary Register and in good standing.

Support and user guides

All qualified FPA members have access to a suite of ePortfolio user guides and FAQs available inside the exclusive FPA members area

If you’re a qualified FPA member and have a question regarding the ePortfolio that hasn’t been answered in the user guides and FAQs available, get in touch with the FPA administration team via [email protected]