The Faculty of Physician Associates (FPA) runs the Physician Associate National Certification and Recertification exam. The certification exam is a 14 station OSCE and 200 single best answer (SBA) exam sat by students who have qualified from UK physician associate programmes. They are then required to pass their National Certification exam before they can be declared fit to practice in the UK. Once they have passed their exam, providing they are a member of the FPA, they can then be registered on the Physician Associate Managed Voluntary Register (PAMVR)

The Recertification Examination is a 200 SBA exam which all physician associates have to take every 6 years to revalidate.

Please note, the FPA does not endorse any national examination revision courses.


To ensure that the integrity of the national exam is protected, all volunteers that examine at the FPA national exam OSCE must sign a confidentiality contract agreeing that they will not disclose any content of the exam. Volunteer examiners undertaking related activities outside of their national exam examining duties is outside the FPA’s control however, disclosing any content from the national exam by an FPA member would be grounds for a Fitness to Practice investigation and potential exclusion from the managed voluntary register (PA MVR).

The Exam board 

The FPA Exam Board quality assures the process and results of the PA National Exam and ensures it is robust and fair. 

Please see the Exam Board terms of reference for further information. 

Exam Fees

Please be aware that from September 2018, the national examination fee is  £550; written component £175, OSCE component £375.

 The recertification fee will increase to £275.

 The FPA reserve the right to review the examination fees annually.

National examinations

National Examinations May 2019  Exam Date Location Fee Component 1 - Written  9 May 2019 Liverpool  London Specific venues TBC £175... more


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