I am a PA working in respiratory medicine and currently based within Knowsley Community Service. I support the team during the COVID-19 crisis by delivering virtual clinics and telephone triaging for patients with existing chronic respiratory conditions.

By delivering virtual clinics I provide continuity of care, which is vitally important for this cohort of patients during this time.

Without this resource the routine respiratory clinic appointments, would have been cancelled which would have resulted in a backlog of clinic appointments during the post COVID recovery phase. Telephone triaging is a vital part of the community service. As part of this I assess the patients’ symptoms over the phone and make a joint decision with the patient how to best manage their symptoms; whether it would be a self-management plan; offering home visits or admission to hospital where necessary.

The cohort of patients I care for often have multiple comorbidities and are anxious and vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis, as they are more high risk. As a physician associate, I feel I am an integral team member during this pandemic as I am able to use my expert respiratory knowledge and skills.