Apply to be a PA representative at The Society for Acute Medicine 

The Society for Acute Medicine (SAM) is seeking nominations from members of the Society for the role of Physician Associate Representative.

Prospective candidates must:
1. Be a member of SAM and in good standing
2. Be in active clinical practice in acute medicine
3. Be nominated and seconded by two SAM members who are in good standing
4. Make known their application to the Society’s office by midday on July 10th 2017
5. Be in a position to commence their duties at SAM’s Council meeting on September 10th 2017, and SAM conference September 11th and 12th in Birmingham

SAM is an incorporated company and Council members are registered Directors of the company. Those wishing to apply for the role who do not currently hold SAM membership must join SAM. Free first year membership will be offered to applicants.

This post is for a Physician Associate actively engaged in clinical practice in acute medicine. The tenure of the post is three years and a maximum of two consecutive terms of office is permitted. If more than one candidate applies, an election will be held.

Elected Physician Associate Representatives have five key aspects to the role, namely:
1. Multi professional working
2. Professionalism
3. Ambassadorship
4. Expertise
5. Communication

Please read the attached job description and letter for information on how to apply.