Recruitment for a Physician Associate National Examination senior examiner

As Jade Moore nears the end of her very successful term as the Physician Associate National Examination (PANE) senior examiner, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Assessment Unit is looking to recruit a new PANE senior examiner to continue Jade’s excellent work.

The appointment comes on the eve of an exciting period for the PANE as we prepare for the upcoming regulation of the Physician Associate profession by the General Medical Council (GMC) and the subsequent transition of the PANE to the Physician Associate Regulation Assessment (PARA).

From May 2024, across a tenure of three years, the PANE senior examiner will work alongside the RCP Assessment Unit, which is based at the Spine, Liverpool, to provide clinical insight and leadership in relation to the conduct of the PANE, ensuring that the examination remains relevant and robust.

The key responsibilities of the post holder will be

  • Chairing the PANE examination board;
  • Ensuring the PANE is conducted fairly and in line with RCP and GMC procedures;
  • Supporting the knowledge-based assessment (KBA) and clinical examination leads in the production of exam materials and the recruitment, training and management of examiners;
  • Representing the PANE examination board on relevant groups and committees.

Applicants should

  • be a physician associate, doctor, nurse or allied health professional2;
  • have a minimum of four years’ post registration clinical practice experience;
  • be registered with a professional body and be in good standing (or regulatory equivalent in country of practice);
  • be up to date with equality and diversity training and appraisal process;
  • have been actively engaged in the training of physician associates within the last two years, and to be up to date as appropriate with national guidelines;
  • have experience as a PANE OSCE examiner and/or PANE board/committee member.

The ideal candidate will meet the criteria above and will be passionate about the development of the PA profession and the development of academic standards. They will engage effectively with clinician colleagues and RCP Assessment Unit staff alike to consolidate and strengthen the PANE and will demonstrate a clear understanding of the future challenges surrounding the transition of the PANE to the PARA.

The RCP are committed to supporting and developing our senior clinicians throughout their terms. The PANE Senior Examiner will have access to a full training package and mentoring support from a number of senior clinicians in the College, all of whom have extensive experience of postgraduate medical assessment and chairing assessment boards and committees.

Applicants should forward a short CV (2 pages) and a covering letter outlining their suitability for the role to Steven Ansty via [email protected] by 09:00 UK time on 8 January 2024. For further information about the post please contact Steven Ansty via [email protected] or 0151 318 1888.

Interviews will take place on 25 January 2024, via Microsoft Teams. The interview panel will consist of Jamie Saunders, PA (President, Faculty of Physician Associates), Dr Celia Bielawski (Clinical Lead for Assessment, RCP Assessment Unit) and Steven Ansty (Head of Development & Standards, RCP Assessment Unit).

Following appointment, it is anticipated that there will be a full handover with Jade during the January/February assessment period and the successful applicant will be expected to attend the PANE examination board on 22 February 2024 as part of this handover. Full duties will be assumed after the PANE examination board has signed off results for the January 2024 examination in March 2024.

Published December 2023