Health Education England – Core Capabilities Framework for Medical Associate Professionals

The Faculty of Physician Associates (FPA) is delighted to announce the publication of Health Education England’s (HEE) Core Capabilities Framework for Medical Associate Professionals (MAPs).

HEE Core Capabilities Framework

The framework, was commissioned in 2021 by HEE. The FPA worked closely as a key stakeholder during the development stages. Physician associates (PAs) were also provided with the opportunity to submit their responses in an online consultation which closed in August 2021.

The successful development and publication of the framework identifies and describes the skills and knowledge that MAPs need to apply to deliver safe, high-quality, compassionate, personalised care. It provides a single, consistent, comprehensive, and explicit reference standard on which to base, review and develop the role of MAPs working across the full range of clinical services.

The framework sets out clear expectations for each of the MAPs roles, including PAs. It is recommended that PAs can use the framework as preparation for appraisal, to understand and develop training needs, comparing current skills and knowledge with those that are required, as well as assisting staff in the development of a portfolio of evidence of capability.

Speaking about the framework’s publication, FPA president Kate Straughton said: ‘The release of the MAPs Core Capabilities Framework is another significant step in our journey towards positively progressing the PA profession. It is a powerful piece of work that will help facilitate and guide PAs through key transitional stages of their careers. How the various components align to your specific role and place of work will need to be considered, but this will be a valuable tool to support career progression across a broad range of areas including research, education and quality improvement, as well as continuing to develop clinical competence.’

The FPA encourages all PA members to become familiar with the framework to understand how its structure can support their individual progression and plan for the future.