FPA Elections 2019

The FPA is pleased to announce that it will be running elections this year to fill a number of FPA positions.

We are seeking nominations for two FPA Officers; President and Vice President and a further two PAs to join the Faculty Board. Job descriptions for all roles can be found below. 

To make a nomination, please email the FPA detailing how you think the nominee meets the criteria for this role. Self-nomination is permitted. All nominations must be seconded by at least one other physician associate member. The deadline for nominations is 5pm on 4 March.

Nominees will then be invited to submit the following election material which will be added to the election website, hosted by the Electoral Reform Service (ERS)

  • An election statement of 600 words and a photograph
  • A short CV, to a common format
  • A declaration of interests, to a common format

The FPA will run the elections electronically and voting will be by single transferrable vote.

Information on where to go to view the nominations and how to cast your vote will be provided over the coming months.

Voting will open 17 April and closes 8 May, with the result announced shortly afterwards.

Terms of office for each of the roles to be filled formally begins on 1 August. It is expected that the successfully elected incoming president would be available to shadow the outgoing president from June and attend the FPA board meeting on 20 June.

For further information, please contact the FPA