Black Lives Matter

Racism is prevalent in our society, the profession and the NHS. As a white woman, I am very aware of the privilege I benefit from and that I will never experience racism. But many of our members experience racism as a part of their daily lives.

The death of George Perry Floyd Jr was a horrific tragedy that has once again highlighted the injustices and inequalities faced by black people in the US, UK and across the world. The Black Lives Matter movement has articulated the anger and hurt felt by so many people, and which has been ignored for too long.

Just this weekend some of you have raised concerns that we must review and address. I’m starting by meeting with you to listen and agree on how we address your concerns.

But there is more we can do to reduce barriers, open doors and challenge unacceptable behaviours. Today, the RCP president and chief executive and I have released a statement of intent about what the RCP and the FPA must to do eradicate racism and structural inequalities from our organisations and our professions.

There is a lot more the FPA can do, including increasing the diversity of those in leadership roles, more closely monitoring the national exam pass rates by demographic, challenging universities to diversify their curriculums, and amplifying the voices of our black members. With you I want to agree on a clear action plan. We will shortly arrange a virtual forum to shape this action plan so keep an eye out for the details which will follow in the next few weeks.

As a leader, I must, and will, do more. I look forward to working with you.

Kind regards,

Kate Straughton
FPA President