Upcoming examinations

Certification component 1 - written

Date tbc - Venues: various locations
Fee: £150

Not open for bookings yet.


Certification component 2 - OSCE

6 and 7 September 2017 - Venue: RCGP assessment centre, London
Fee: £350

Not open for bookings yet.


How do I register for the national examinations?  

All candidates have to register online for the physician associate certification exam and the physician associate recertification exam. The link for registering will appear underneath the exam date when the exam becomes open for registration, approximately two months in advance. Payments have to be received prior to the exam otherwise candidates will not be allowed to participate.

Certification candidates will be allowed to register for the exam, but the FPA will require official notification from their university that they have passed all relevant parts of their UK programme prior to the exam. We will reimburse those candidates who have registered, but do not appear on the official notification.

The registration process will close two weeks before the exam.

An online application process will open approximately two months before the exam.