Registration for the September 2021 Physician Associate national examination diet will open on Monday 28 June 2021.

Any changes or amendments that are made will be communicated to candidates via email as far in advance of any examination day as possible. It is therefore important on registering to sit the recertification examination that candidates provide an up to date and accessible email address.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Assessment Unit if you have any queries at [email protected] 


The recertification exam

The recertification exam is designed to cover all core areas of practice that a physician associate is expected to maintain knowledge in, regardless of whether they are working in a specific specialty. Medicine is forever changing and physician associates have a responsibility to keep up to date. This ensures they are fit to practise and safe for patients. 

The fee for the recertification examination is £275

Payment must be received prior to the examination.

The RCP assessment unit reserves the right to review the examination fees periodically.

Sitting the recertification examination 

In order to remain on the  Physician Associate Managed Voluntary Register (PAMVR)  physician associates have to sit the recertification examination every six years. Physician associates have three attempts to sit and pass the recertification examination.

The first opportunity will be at the beginning of their fifth year of practice after qualifying as a physician associate and they must pass the examination before the end of their sixth year.

If any physician associate fails the recertification examination on three occasions, or does not pass the examination within the above timeframe, they will be removed from the PAMVR and their employer notified. They will then have to take the national certification examination or follow the process that the statutory regulator stipulates in order to enter onto the PAMVR.

Recertification Examination Dates 2020

Assessment PeriodApplication periodExam date periodResults released
Diet 1 Monday 9 November 2020 Sunday 22 November Thursday 25 March 2021 Thursday 15 April 2021
Diet 2 Monday 15 March 2021 Sunday 28 March 2021 Thursday 6 May 2021 Thursday 24 June 2021
Diet 3 Monday 28 June 2021 Sunday 11 July 2021 Thursday 9 September 2021 Thursday 4 November 2021