Regulation update – transitional arrangements announced

Today, the General Medical Council (GMC) released their next steps in the regulation process, including announcing what the transitional arrangements will be for moving from the FPA register to the GMC register.

PAs won’t be able to register with the GMC until the UK government introduces legislation that will allow them to start regulating physician associates and anaesthesia associates. PAs are being encouraged (if they haven’t already done so) to sign up to the FPA voluntary register as soon as possible. This will help to streamline your application for GMC registration when the time comes.

Like doctors, PAs will need to provide confirmation that they have an acceptable professional qualification on application and confirmation that there are no outstanding concerns about their fitness to practise.

PAs, who are already practising in the UK, will have two years from the date the new legislation comes into operation to do this. Once the legislation is in place, all newly qualified professionals will need to join the GMC register before they start working.

As part of getting ready for regulation, FPA President Kate Straughton sat down with GMC chief executive Charlie Massey to discuss all things regulation, what the new transitional arrangements will mean for PAs and how regulation will benefit the profession. To watch the full video, please click here.

You can also read more about PA regulation and sign up to GMC updates here.