Introducing the FPA’s new president

Kate Straughton has been appointed FPA president, unopposed, beginning August 1.

On accepting the role she said:

‘Firstly, a huge thank you to Jeannie and all of those involved who have worked so very hard to continue to advance our profession to where it is today. I was so proud to see the recent tweet from the faculty saying that there are more than1000 members – as a profession we have achieved so much in such a short time, and it is vital to ensure that we continue on with that same momentum whilst maintaining pride in our work and our profession.

My main aim during the next three years is to continue our development so that we can work at our best and provide high quality patient care as we have been trained to do. Patient safety has always been at the heart of what we do as PAs, and remains an important drive for the profession to gain statutory regulation, combined with creating the opportunity to work to our full potential for example by being able to prescribe and request ionising radiation. The work carried out by the current board and associated colleagues to get to this point is phenomenal, and I very much hope to continue this progress by working with the relevant colleagues, groups and stakeholders to ensure that statutory regulation happens as soon as we are able, and with PA interests and needs at its heart.

I also feel that it is of paramount importance to ensure that we are engaging with FPA members - it is so important to listen to views, understand what members want and ensure that members understand what steps are being taken by the faculty in order to push the profession forwards. I am keen to embrace new ideas, and to do everything that we can to  ensure that colleagues’ voices will be heard no matter where in the UK they happen to be. I look forward to meeting with PAs training and working in all around the UK and hearing about more regional concerns, issues and needs. It is also imperative that PAs are given the opportunity to take part and take ownership of the development of their profession, with more regional representation on task and finish groups and subcommittees.

I look forward to this new exciting chapter of our development, and can’t wait to get stuck in!’

Donal O’Donoghue, registrar of the RCP, said:

As a long-standing advocate and one of the pioneers of the Faculty, Kate brings a wealth of knowledge and the experience necessary to progress the strategic imperatives of the Faculty.

I’d like to formally congratulate Kate on  her new role and  welcome her to the RCP. I look forward to working collaboratively with Kate and FPA colleagues , over the next three years, to progress the profession even further.’