MVR number update - November 2019

We would like to update you on the progress of applications. We have been working hard to process all applications and have awarded membership to 127 physician associates. W e have now been in contact with everyone who has submitted their application online and t here are still a some applications pending. For those who haven’t yet been awarded their MVR number, the main issue is that we have yet to receive a fully completed self-disclosure form and/or clear copy of a passport. If you have submitted your application online and haven’t heard from us please check your emails and junk mail folder first and then give us a call if you cannot see any correspondance from us.

The MVR list will be updated on Friday. If your employer requires evidence before then please ask them to call the FPA team for confirmation.

We are continuing to process applications and thank you for your continued patience.  For those of you who have not yet been awarded an MVR number we suggest you use your national exam certificate as evidence of having qualified as a physician associate.