Medical Associate Professions consultation response

The Faculty of Physician Associates at the Royal College of Physicians welcomes the publication of the Medical Associate Professions consultation response. The next steps outlined include further discussions between the Department of Health and Social Care, the General Medical Council and the Health and Care Professions Council to make a decision on the regulator. This will be followed by a further period of consultation on the necessary legislative amendments and the potential options for future prescribing rights.

Jeannie Watkins, Faculty of Physician Associates president, said:

It is good to have the results of the consultation published, which is a significant step in the journey to regulation of the profession. It is welcome to see the positive responses from the health community supporting regulation and in future prescribing rights for PAs.

Discussions will continue in the weeks and months ahead and we will be asking the Department of Health and Social Care to confirm a timeline for the next steps. In the meantime PAs will continue to work in partnership with and support the medical team in the delivery of quality patient care.

Professor Andrew Goddard, Royal College of Physicians president, said:

This is great news as physician associates are a vital part of the workforce needed to realise the NHS Long Term Plan. Regulation is vital to facilitate PAs to work to their full potential, and the ability to prescribe is key to this. The sooner we can get regulation in place, the better. We are pleased that the Department of Health and Social Care and ministers have recognised that importance of PAs.