Continuing professional development (CPD) is the educative means of updating, developing and enhancing the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to work safely and effectively as a physician associate. All physician associates are currently required to fulfill CPD requirements to remain on the managed voluntary register (MVR).


CPD Requirements

All physician associates are currently required to complete 50 hours of CPD per year or 150 hours as a rolling total over a 3 year period (to aid those on sick and maternity leave). These hours will be split into 2 categories;€“ Type 1 and Type 2. Examples of accepted criteria of each are listed below. At least 25 hours of the annual CPD must be Type 1, the remainder can be a either Type 1 or Type 2.

Type 1 examples:

  • Standardised courses – e.g. Advanced Life Support (ALS), Immediate Life Support (ILS), ALERT
  • UKAPA conferences and CPD days
  • Other courses approved by other organisations – e.g. Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), Royal College of Physicians (RCP), Society for Acute Medicine (SAM)
  • Conferences and CPD events approved by UKAPA for Type 1 Credit

Type 2 examples:

  • Teaching students
  • Reading journal articles and writing a reflective log
  • Undertaking clinical audits
  • Reflective case studies
  • Lobbying activities on behalf of the PA profession

Please note: Updates and changes may be made to these standards from time to time. Physician associates on the MVR will be notified of these changes in reasonable time so that they are able to comply with the CPD requirements.


CPD Diary

To access the CPD diary, please click here. If you are a physician associate member and do not currently have access to the CPD diary, please contact us so we can activate your account. You can use the diary to log and record your professional development.


CPD (Type 1) Event Approval

The Type 1 CPD approval guidelines have recently been reviewed and updated (May 2016). This document contains information on requirements, fees and the application process. Please read this guidance document in full before completing the Type 1 CPD approval form. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Organising a CPD event takes some time and effort. This said, it is an extremely rewarding thing to do and useful to put on your CV. As long as an appropriate application is received at least 6 weeks before the date of the proposed event, an award of Type 1 credit can be considered.